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  Angle       Mower      
Angle kerbing is our most popular kerbing profile. It has been proven to be a favourite amongst residential customers for garden and lawn edging. It gives a modern, contemporary look with clean lines. Angle kerbing can be used alongside paths, walkways, garden beds and lawns.
Mower profile kerbing is very practical when used for lawn edging and as a barrier between lawns and gardens. It makes an effective mowing strip allowing easy lawn cutting and trimming.
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Square     Angle Lighted  
Square kerbing has a flat top. It can be installed to sit above the ground or sunk to ground level. When installed above ground level, it works well alongside paths, walkways, garden beds, lawns, and can be used to contain bark and soil. When installed at ground level, it makes a very effective mowing strip.
Angle Lighted kerbing is a double sloped, angled profile used for lighting applications. LED lighting can be installed to project lighting onto garden beds, edges of paths and walkways. A range of LED lighting colours are available.
Alternately, irrigation piping can be installed in place of lighting rope.
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Driveway   Industrial    
Driveway kerbing, or wheel block design, is very strong and durable. In extreme conditions, such as in commercial applications, it can be pinned to existing concrete or into the ground; reinforcing steel rebar can be added for the ultimate in strength and durability. It is also ideal for domestic driveways, car parks, wheel stops, cow raceways, control of water runoff, sandpits and playgrounds.
Industrial kerbing is the last word in strength and durability. As with driveway kerbing, it can be pinned to existing concrete or into the ground; it can also be reinforced with steel rebar, making it the hands down choice for commercial applications where extra strength is required.
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The Borderline system is an international product that has been used, developed and continually improved for over 25 years in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA.

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